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Our Services

Business Insurance

Our unique Business Insurance Financing product is designed to make life easier for you and your partners.

Business Insurance Financing is a loan product designed to finance payment of non-life insurance premia due to an insurance company from the Insured. The Bank enters into an agreement with the Insurer and the Insured whereby the Bank agrees to pay immediately in full the insurance premia of the Insured on the terms and conditions stipulated in the IPF Agreement.

  • Key Person Insurance
    • Directors and employees with highly specialist skills or knowledge are key employees of the companies they work for. To lose one as a result of a critical illness or death can be damaging to the business. That is why taking out Key Person insurance to protect the company is a wise move.

      Key Person insurances can provide several benefits. These can include:

      • Paying the costs of a temporary replacement
      • Meeting the costs of recruiting a permanent replacement
      • Covering the cost of death or incapacity of a key member of staff.
  • Share protection through life assurance
  • Pensions & raising capital
  • Income Protection Insurance